A Golden Friend

Lana (left), Tina (right beside her in pink), Diane (beside Tina to right), Loretta (right) ~ Besties For Life!

Lana Olsen: 3 children, Doctoral Student

Best friend of 34 years: Tina, 2 children, Homemaker, health/dental care, died ... pancreatic cancer in 2016 at age 52

I miss her, but I do know she is waiting in heaven for me.

How did you meet?

I met Tina through a mutual friend. She had a quirky sense of humor and a beautiful laugh. Down to earth. Keeper of all secrets. Prayer warrior to the max. Homemaker extraordinaire!

What was the friendship like?

Chatting, going for walks, shopping. Parties, family life, weekend getaways. Our perfect day would be packing a picnic lunch and walking through the woods together, finding the right spot for our delicious lunch! Although I moved away from where I met Tina, we stayed in close contact. In fact, after the eight years of leaving my home town where Tina and I lived, we became even closer. Sharing our troubled times and fantastic blessings over the phone, in person when we would visit each other. I learned she was a prayer warrior. Taking everything to God. She also did not judge me for things I said or did. She kept things private. I knew she would never tell a soul if things were to remain only between her and I. What a treasure she was!

Describe how the friendship ended.

Tina died after 11 months of fighting pancreatic cancer. She fought bravely and with a gentle spirit. I learned of her illness when she called me shortly after she was diagnosed. I learned of her death through her husband.

How did you cope with her loss?

It is just under one month that she has been gone and it’s an emotional roller coaster. Given that I do not live in the same town as her, I can sometimes “pretend” she is still at home, very much alive. But then it hits me. She’s gone. The last few days have been tough. I have learned that life is precious and that we all have a finite time on this earth.

Is there anything else that you'd like to add about your friendship?

Tina truly was one of a kind. I call her a “golden” friend. I miss her, but I do know she is waiting in heaven for me.