Our Story

The Friendship Dialogues is a community website for women to talk about the power and importance of their friendships with other women and how they cope when that friendship ends. These personal stories are testimonials to female best friends and provide a way for women to voice their feelings about what a best friend means to them, how it feels to lose that best friend, and how to cope when that friendship ends. The Friendship Dialogues gives women a place to both cherish and share their memories of their friendships with other women. Read more about how this project began.

Your Story

The site showcases women’s personal stories of love and ultimately the heartbreaking loss of their best friends. Many of the stories will honor best friends who have been lost through illness, accidents or suicide. These love stories are brought into high relief by the grief women feel when their closest confidante is no longer there. Other stories will express friendship loss differently — a friendship that was shattered due to emotional or physical distance — and will shed light on the ups and downs of friendship and on what is learned from the loss of those bonds. The stories show why a female best friend is often vital to a woman’s happiness and sense of self. Share your story and join our community.