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Friendship Dialogues encourages women to purchase priligy their stories about the love and loss of their female best friends. We want to honor all the fabulous women in our lives who have helped share our joys, lighten our burdens and fill our hearts with unconditional love. Too often these friends have been lost to illness or some tragic event, sometimes it’s been due to estrangement or physical distance. It is time to recognize and celebrate the importance of female friends to women.

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Sharon Wunderlich: 64, married, editor, writer and marketing director

Best friend of 20 years: Sharon Sherman, married, media training and marketing, died ... suddenly of unknown causes in 2007 at age 62

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Jenna Mate: 1 child, vocal and acting coach, director and yoga Instructor

Best friend of 27 years: Jamie Finkelstein, pastry chef, arist, connoisseur of life's best, died due to an illness in 2010 at age 32

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Renee: Graphic Designer, App designer

Best friend of 29 years: Aggie, VP / Director - Digital Media and Emerging Technologies, died ... from a pulmonary embolism in 2015 at age 55