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Friendship — What a Lovely Thing

Ellen (right) and Maya Lynn

My 11-year old granddaughter Maya had a language arts homework assignment recently. She chose to write a poem on Friendship. I was particularly moved by the last sentence. Here’s her poem:


Friendship by Maya Terry

Friendship what a lovely thing

It’s as bright and shiny as a diamond ring

I see friendships everywhere

in the streets, on the sidewalks and even in the square

People talking, laughing and holding hands

They even play in some bands

We have our disagreements every once in a while

But when we make up we always smile

We share all our secrets

but only our friend finds the deepest


With the insight of a wise crone, she uncovered one of the essential features of a powerful friendship: a best friend understands you so well that they can delve into the treasure trove of secrets you share with them and know which is the most consequential one.

It pleases me that Maya, who was named for my best friend Madeleine, has such a profound understanding of the meaning of friendship. My 40-year friendship with Madeleine involved the sharing of many secrets. Madeleine knew me so well, she knew when I needed to talk and understood when I was removed from my emotions and needed her to draw my feelings out.

Have you read anything on friendship that touched you?

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  1. lesliepearlman says:

    My daughter is a wise one. Already at 11 knows the value of connection. And there is nothing more important and precious than having a best friend to share the deepest most authentic part of you.

    • robina3157@aol.com says:

      This touched me and truly, it made tears come to my eyes, as I sit in the lobby of a hotel in Austin,Texas. A strange place to be touched, but it can touch me anywhere. I miss having my friend to share my deepest thought. It is right now that I would like to call her and share this feeling, but instead, I will write it here, on your blog. It will have to do.

      • Ellen Pearlman says:

        I am so glad that Friendship Dialogues gives you a place to express your feelings of loss. I’ve come to believe that writing is an essential part of dealing with this loss.

    • Ellen Pearlman says:

      One of the hardest parts of losing a best friend is not having her around to share your good times and bad times. A best friend allows you to be your most authentic self.

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