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Personal Stories

Friendship Dialogues encourages women to share their stories about the love and loss of their female best friends. We want to honor all the fabulous women in our lives who have helped share our joys, lighten our burdens and fill our hearts with unconditional love. Too often these friends have been lost to illness or some tragic event, sometimes it’s been due to estrangement or physical distance. It is time to recognize and celebrate the importance of female friends to women.

A Sister From Another Mother

Kathy Spirtes: 62, widowed, 1 child

Best friend of 33 years: Rosemary Kelso, married, died ... unknown causes, suspected suicide in 2009 at age 54

Canarsie Girls

Maxine Atkins: 73, widowed, 2 children

Best friend of 50 years: Anita Solomon, divorced, 1 child, died ... cancer at age 66

Catholic Schoolgirls

Laura Messina: 61, married

Best friend of 38 years: Susan Essex, married, 2 children, died ... breast cancer in 2005 at age 51

Two Cancer Chicks

Katrin Sosnick: 46, married, 2 children

Best friend of 10 years: Meg Berté Owen, married, died ... lung infection brought on by treatments years before for Hodgkin's disease in 2000

Loving Their Differences

BeaAnn Braun: 60, married, 2 children

Best friend of 40 years: Melanie Scott, divorced, died ... complications after emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction in 2012 at age 58

Big Sister and Best Friend

Mary Houde: 50, divorced, 2 children, school administrator and special education administrator

Best friend of 20 years: Wendy Schnurr, married, dietician, died ... complications from lung disease and transplant at age 48

Two High Achievers

Kim Tracy Prince: 44, married, 2 children, from Los Angeles, freelance writer

Best friend of 22 years: Lisa Kelly, neonatologist, died ... pulmonary embolism in 2011 at age 40

Genealogy Mentor

Susan Louer: 73, married, 3 children, from Brooklyn, retired teacher for the deaf

Best friend of 22 years: Carol Gohari, married, 1 child, science teacher and genealogist, died ... unknown causes

From Russia With Love

Lori Lippitz: 56, married, 1 child, founder of The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band and The Klezmer Music Foundation

Best friend of 3 years: Irina Geinisman, died ... murdered during a robbery in 1978 at age 16

Opposites Attract

Joan Lerman: 60, divorced, 3 children

Best friend of 20 years: Fran Goldenberg, 3 children, died ... from ovarian cancer