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Personal Stories

Friendship Dialogues encourages women to share their stories about the love and loss of their female best friends. We want to honor all the fabulous women in our lives who have helped share our joys, lighten our burdens and fill our hearts with unconditional love. Too often these friends have been lost to illness or some tragic event, sometimes it’s been due to estrangement or physical distance. It is time to recognize and celebrate the importance of female friends to women.

The Divine Miss MM

Ellen Pearlman: 71, married, 2 children, writer and editor

Best friend of 40 years: Madeleine Moger, married, 1 child, prop and wardrobe stylist, died ... committed suicide as her health sharply deteriorated from thymoma, an incurable cancer, and myasthenia gravis in 2003 at age 58

Missing The Old Country

Judith Schmidt: 81, widowed, 1 child, therapist

Best friend of years: Shirley Glickman and Nina Liebman, died ... Shirley from cancer at age 65 and Nina from cancer in 1980 when she was 50

Childhood Pals

Nicole Galeto: 39, married, 2 children, school crossing guard

Best friend of 27 years: Jeanine Walsh, married, 2 children, stay-at-home mom, died ... leukemia in 2015 at age 38

Best Friends at Birth

Jenny Bott: 43, married, 3 children

Best friend of 41 years: Tobi Klonecki, married, 2 children, died ... breast cancer in 2013 at age 41

Up For Anything

Betsy Wexler: 48, from Baltimore, social worker

Best friend of 7 years: Amy Scherr Stolz, married, died ... heart attack, suddenly four weeks after getting married in 1999 at age 31

A Visceral Love

Lisa Solod: 60, divorced, 2 children

Best friend of 10 years: Carolyn Ford Eagle, married, 2 children, died ... cancer in 1996 at age 49

An Angel on Your Side

Marsha Mercant: actor/singer and now writer

Best friend of 50 years: Melinda Moreno Miller, married, dancer/singer/choreographer and later massage therapist/healer, died ... lymphoma in 2011

Life-Long Role Model

Barbara Frankel: divorced, 2 children, executive coach

Best friend of 54 years: Bryan Shore Resnick, divorced, 2 children, died ... colon cancer at age 62

Humor Defined Their Friendship

Kathy Dean: 62, divorced, 1 child

Best friend of 30 years: Karla Jean Dome, divorced, 3 children, died ... lymphoma in 1998 at age 45

Living on the Edge

Susyn Reeve: 66, coach, corporate consultant, educator and interfaith minister, author of "The Wholehearted Life: Big Changes and Greater Happiness Week by Week"

Best friend of 25 years: Chris Ballin, divorced, 2 children, activist, died ... stomach cancer in 2005 at age 60