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  1. lesliepearlman says:

    It’s interesting. When my marriage fell apart I realized the importance of having a community of women around me and how I had neglected that during my marriage. My best friend whom I confided in daily lived 2 hours from me and was busy with her own family. So I decided to invite all the women who I knew and admired and wanted deeper connections with over to my home for a pot luck. This was the start of a women’s group that continues to this day and the start of many new friendships and connections.

    • Ellen Pearlman says:

      When you were 3 or 4, a group of women in Park Slope started a support group. Most of us were stay-at-home moms, trying to figure out the next steps in our lives. At first we met weekly – we were all desperate to get out of the house. Over the years the support of the group allowed all of us to make changes: start on careers, go back to school or leave an unsatisfying marriage. Women are able to bolster each other up, not by telling each other what to do, but by listening and providing a sounding board for our feelings. I’m so glad, dear daughter, you learned the value of women’s friendships early. Mom

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