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Honor and cherish your best friend.
Share a photo.

A photo is forever. Photos capture some of our most cherished memories. If you would like to share a photo of your best friend to honor her, or one of the two of you, please join our community or login if you are already a member.

Friendship Dialogues brings women’s friendship stories to life and provides a way to cherish the women friends who are no longer present in our lives. Whether you have lost your best friend due to illness, suicide or accident, or if the friendship was shattered due to physical or emotional distance, you can honor her and your memories by posting a photo to our Cherish Gallery. You can also share your story at Friendship Dialogues.

By sharing our stories we honor all our lost best friends and show others just how pivotal female friendships are to women. We have another goal too. We want to eradicate the notion that women are by nature catty and mean to other women and tell young girls to cherish the women in their lives who might one day turn out to be their best friend forever.

Hilary Woodward & KIm

Lana Olsen & Tina Kruger

Sharon Wunderlich & Sharon Sherman

Jenna Shummoogum & Jenn Pastirik

Jenna Mate & Jamie Finklestein

Renee Bundi & Aggie Cutrone

Marissa Neiman & Lauren Budabin

Libby Tulin & Myra Glaser

Kelly Meyer & Joleen

Ellen P. & Lynn Yellin

Ellen Pearlman & Madeleine Moger

Judith Schmidt & Shirley Glickman and Nina Liebman

Nicole Galeto & Janine Walsh

Jenny Bott & Tobi Klonecki

Betsy Wexler & Amy Scherr Stolz

Lisa Solod & Carolyn Ford Eagle

Marsha Mercant & Melinda Moreno Miller

Barbara Frankel & Bryan Shore Resnick

Kathy Dean & Karla Jean Dome

Susyn Reeve & Chris Ballin

Kathy Spirtes & Rosemary Kelso

Maxine Atkins & Anita Solomon

Laura Messina & Susan Essex

Katrin Sosnick & Meg Berté Owen

BeaAnn Braun & Melanie Scott

Mary Houde & Wendy Schnurr

Kim Tracy Prince & Lisa Kelly

Susan Louer & Carol Gohari

Lori Lippitz & Irina Geinisman

Joan Lerman & Fran Goldenberg

Cynthia Rothstein & Naomi Neft

Robin Lippman-Scharf & Ronee Kim Brimberg-Clark

Liz Hale & Amy Rosenblatt Solomon

Lindsay Kavet & Polly Mae Tolonen

Holly Starkman & Marcia Golden

Amy P & Chris Z

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